The Snowdonia Society

Since 1967 the Snowdonia Society, a member-based registered charity, has worked with local communities, organisations, businesses and individuals to achieve this vision…

Our vision…

… a Snowdonia in which the unique and irreplaceable qualities, on which the economy depends, are proudly protected by thriving and cohesive communities that have adapted to climate change.

Our mission…

… to protect and enhance the beauty and special qualities of Snowdonia and to promote their enjoyment in the interests of all who live in, work in or visit the area both now and in the future.

Our work…

  • Practical conservation which makes a difference to Snowdonia, year after year: clearing litter, maintaining footpaths, tackling invasive species and improving habitats for wildlife.
  • Campaigning to protect Snowdonia’s special qualities from threats such as inappropriate development or erosion of its natural and cultural heritage
  • Working in partnership with Snowdonia National Park Authority, Natural Resources Wales, National Trust and other conservation bodies, as well as individual farmers and landowners for the benefit of all who live work and visit this remarkable place.

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Read the minutes of the Snowdonia Society’s most recent AGM.

Snowdonia Society Constitution

Snowdonia needs you!

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